Coby Beatson is an educational consultant who has extensive experience as an educator of adults and children of all ages. She has worked as a classroom teacher in primary schools and has been working as an educational consultant for the last six years.

Coby currently works at Deakin University as well as continues both consultancy work and classroom work. Coby is an expert in the use of Interactive Whiteboards and Web 2.0 Applications and has been devoted to using them in her classroom, integrating their use into her entire curriculum with a focus on Thinking Curriculum.

Coby is currently involved in the following projects:

Interactive Whiteboards and Beyond
1:1 Devices – iPads and Tablets
Web 2.0 and the Australian Curriculum
Higher Order Thinking Skills – MI, HoM, Tools, etc
Curriculum Planning

Have Coby come and visit your school to deliver PD that caters for your staff.


M: 0407 805 857


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