Interactive Whiteboards

Coby Beatson is an educational consultant who has extensive experience as an educator of adults and children of all ages. She
has worked as a classroom teacher in primary schools and was
employed for 5 years as an ICT coordinator. Coby is an expert
in the use of Interactive Whiteboards and has been devoted to
using them in her classroom, integrating their use into her entire
curriculum with a focus on Thinking Curriculum.

Thinking Curriculum

She has worked with teachers, delivering Professional Development sessions both within the school environment and SERCT.

Coby delivers practical activities for Thinking, Literacy, Numeracy and ICT. She has created a vast file of resources that don’t require expensive software. She provides a practical and hands-on approach to learning and teaching with a view to developing student engagement and understanding.

Coby offers Professional Development in the following areas;
- 1:1 Devices: Ipads and Tablets
- Interactive Whiteboards
- Thinking Curriculum
- Inquiry Based Approach
- Curriculum Planning
- Habits of Mind - Multiple Intelligences
- eUp–electronic unit planner - website
- Cooperative Learning
- Collaborative Projects
- ICT/Web 2.0/Web 3.0 and Australian Curriculum

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